Lionsriver Rhodesian Ridgebacks

FCI & KUSA registered 


We are pleased to live with our pack of Rhodesian Ridgebacks at the most beautiful place in the world, the Western Cape in South Africa.

"Liondogs" are our passion since 1998 when we met the first Ridgeback in Kenya. It didn't took long and Animo, the first Ridgeback male joined our family.

He changed everything in our life, he was always with us. We started running with him as well as hiking holidays with dog instead long flights ;) 

5 years later we got Quma, a female with fantastic Ridgeback personality. Unfortunately we never could breed her. We discovered a DS on her. The surgery went well and she spent a long healthy life with us. She was the leader of our pack a lifetime. 

Three years later.... Denga joined the pack...for us still the most impressive Ridgeback we have ever seen. He died too early and we miss him every single day. But the good news is that his progeny goes on successful in 10 countries and 15 kennels all over the world.

With Animo, Quma, Denga and the new family member Fibi we migrated 2011 to South Africa. Only 2 months later we got Gukatiwa, a daughter of Denga. It was a pack of 5 now and it shouldn't be the end of the line...with Diamond, Deborah und Lisa we saved our D-line (progeny of Denga)

Our dogs are part of the family, living free within the pack, never in kennels but also single socialised out of the pack as best as possible. 


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