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To get a puppy to join the family as pet and new member is always exciting. If adoption is not the first option, than it mostly starts with choosing the suitable breed for the family, next step is to find a breeder in your area and…if you found a breeder with a litter, than choosing a puppy out of a bunch of cuteness!!!
As breeder I realized many times that choosing a puppy is very emotional and puppy prospects might miss the clear signals and signs to distinguish responsible breeding from backyard breeding (also called puppy mills). 
You are welcome to read the following „guideline“ to check a breeder before you fall in love with one of his/her puppy:


- does not earn his living by dog breeding

- does not pin you to a contract on your first visit or demands a deposit.

- recommends you to visit other breeding kennels and breeders and then decide calmly.

- does not speak badly about other breeders.

- all dogs live in close family contact with him and are in good state of health and good condition, are friendly, open and accessible.

- has not given away retired dogs, they are living in close family contact

- does not mate his breeding bitches more than 3x during their life and not on following heats "back-to-back" 

- gives you access to all documents relevant to breeding and health certificates of the breeding dogs.

- does not save any costs and registers each litter and each puppy, also those which are not for breeding

- is openly opposed to backyard breeding and tries everything in order to prevent unregistered breeding with his dogs. 

- pursues a breeding objective with his lines to improve the breed and does not constantly buy breeding dogs from other kennels only because they are “Champion Lines”

- is also raising ridgeless puppies because they are fantastic family pets as well

- has no dog pounds or home kennels, where the dogs are locked up.

- explains in detail all characteristics of the breed, also the unpleasant characteristics, and is rather more critical in choosing prospective buyers for the puppies.

- asks you very personal or unpleasant questions about your life and your conceptions about keeping a Ridgeback.

- has 24 hours time to care for the bitch and the puppies, from birth to handing over.

- lets you participate in the development of the puppies from the 5. week and is pleased about regular visits.

- has exact ideas about conditioning and socialisation of the puppies and implements them

- remains your contact even after handing over the puppies and is glad to advise you for the dog's life.

- is eager to select the puppy from the litter that suits you best, and helps you in the selection with his experience.


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