Ch. Int. Shangani Denga Windo of Lionsriver



Denga        Male


Sire:                      Multi-Ch Ye Java Drago

Dam:                     Multi-Ch Shangani Sarula Gani

DOB:                     30.04.2008 - 23.10.2012

KUSA Reg. No:     ZA000183C11

Height:                  69 cm

Dilute:                   DD

Dysplasie:             HD A, ED 0

Confirmed:            May 2010



International Champion FCI

Junior World Winner 2009

Denga....there is nothing more to say about him than what Laurie Venter from Glenaholm Kennels, the oldest active Ridgeback Kennel, wrote us after she met him the first time:

".....Denga is like a king! He rules and checks the territory, just like a lion does.

He checked me, but at the end of our three days, he softened and I felt his heart.

He is worthy of being a "great" because he is a fantastic dog.

He has all the qualities of the old ridgebacks....the strong ones that made the breed famous, and the personality that is recorded in the standard....(aloof with strangers---a handsome upstanding dog---) 

He is marvellous.

A dog to dream of...."


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